One of the Best Ways to Sell, Share and Stream Your Music… For Free!

April 4th 2010 - Samuel Mateo, Jr.

I’ve built quite a few musician websites in my day, starting with my own band’s website, which is a bit outdated but I digress, in that time I’ve seen quite a few ways for musicians to sell, share and stream their music come and go. Some good, some really bad. But during a recent look into another way for my band to sell our MP3’s I found bandcamp.

Bandcamp not only allows you to upload your music for digital sales, sharing and streaming but go a step further offering musicians quite a few additional features all for free.

  • Custom Header: with the custom header you are able to personalize the bandcamp experience a bit but they’ve take a step further. You can now include an image which allows you to include the navigation from your site. See some examples in their blog.
  • Custom Backgrounds/Colors: yet another way to customize the experience
  • Index Page: Have multiple albums? No problem use their new Index Page feature and add all your albums to a centrally located page. See some examples in their blog.
  • Custom URL: with all that bandcamp has to offer you could essentially use it as your only website but for those who already have a website you can setup a subdomain such as
  • Your Music: They offer your tracks in mp3, AAC, FLAC, Ogg. Choose between giving away your music by joining your email list, let your fans set a gaming price (you can set a minimum) – it’s up to you.
  • Sharing: just click the Share link and your fans can spread your music all over the web including all the top social networks, email and more.
  • See a complete list of their services.

Sure iTunes and Amazon MP3 are the big boys and your music will be potentially be in front of millions of gamer people but they keep a chunk of your money and for many independent artists that is just not worth it.

Bandcamp is free, yes I know, it sounds too good to be true but yet it is… true. Once you setup your account give them your paypal email address and all the money will go to you. PayPal has it’s fees but nominal compared to iTunes and others online video game websites.

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In the end what I loved most is the transparency they allow you to have for such a robust offering of tools. You could potentially setup your bandcamp page to seamlessly go between your website and back.

Good work guys keep it up.