Web Hosting is a pain in the Derriere!


When I first started designing websites I found it increasingly difficult to find a good website host that was also cost effective. Most who where cost effective where crappy services and those with good service where a bit too high for my clientele at the time so I spent countless hours in front of my computer trying to find the right services, which was not good for my health, back and eyes, actually after a while I started to follow a guide to strengthen your eyesight so I could continue working like that. A couple of years of this became a burden until I found out about reselling hosting.

I thought it was the bees knees. I found a reliable reseller that everyone in the hosting community raved about and I thought, “wow I can have the best of both worlds”. I found a good reliable service that I had control over and made a little money on the side, or so it seemed. Everything was rolling along just fine over at PropioWeb, that is until I had to start having to do a bunch of extra work I shouldn’t be doing as a web designer.

Setting up hosting accounts are not the issue. I invested in WHM managing and billing software that streamlined setup, invoicing and stuff like that but what I find is the problem is with non paying customers, or customers who change their credit cards, or those whom I have to walk through everything that comes with hosting, email for example. I lost count how many times I’ve had to go over email setup with my clients.

Since when is web design about customer support or email troubleshooting or web hosting payments? I’m already knee deep in it and have no problem helping my clients but if you are just starting out and are wondering what to do, don’t do what I did. Find yourself a fast reliable host, there are many out there. Some even offer affiliate programs so you still get a slice of the pie. Let the web host worry about hosting and you worry about making awesome websites!

My 2 cents.